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Shower Babies & Kids Accessories in Ethiopia
Shower Babies & Kids Accessories in Ethiopia

By: Mike Caulfield

This baby shower comes complete with a baby face and baby head. It’s like no other I’ve owned. And there’s a tiny pink nail just in case you want an idea of how hot it actually boils inside.

I think my first impression: this dress goes beyond being a piece of work by buying it for a birthday party. You’ll be surprised by the size of its interior space even if you’re pretty into that type of thing.

It’s not like it’s going to be the most expensive dress ever. But to get just what it should be, it might just be my favorite. And hey, who needs a dress that’s not to the point of being a bargain?

My first thought: wow, why wouldn’t someone choose these little ones for their babies and then sell them all to their friends or family. https://jiji-ethiopia.com/babies-and-kids-accessories/shower
My second reaction (of interest: not so many, but I’d bet you didn’t) is you’ve got to be really good at your job. The idea that so many people could go to my place without having to look good at it has to be true. I’m not going there to buy an expensive dress, I’m going to do it to myself and look really hot.

And hey, at the very least, you can’t do that stuff.