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Samsung Gear VR Glasses
Samsung Gear VR Glasses
Samsung Gear VR Glasses or something similar.

While the VR headsets have already been sold in China, one of my favorite gaming experiences right now is with a PC VR headset. I purchased one last year, and like the rest of my followers I was able to check out some of the headsets and get great gameplay experiences. What was most impressive, and surprising, was that, unlike most PC VR headsets, these will run on AMD GPU (I’m kind of a tech nerd).
Samsung Gear VR Glasses

Let’s start with the basics.


It has long been the hallmark of VR’s dominance that you can’t get more immersive while watching a movie on your PC without the extra pixels or VR’s being used to record in VR. It’s a beautiful feature of 3D graphics that’s only just becoming an affordable feature. However, it’s far more of a