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License: Copyright (c) 2016 K-Ace by Kano Kanaa (http://www.kano.ca/user/kano_ke-app), Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

You may freely copy, distribute and publicly perform this app in any medium, provided that you credit Kano Kanaa and Kano Kanaa

Kano Kanaa will make no representations or warranties by way of any kind (including, without limitation, warranty or representation of merchantability);

Kano Kanaa reserves the right to refuse service on any of your platforms by way of an arbitration or any other means and may decline to participate in any arbitration proceeding whether in the law, arbitration agreement or other legal process.
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You may re-lock your access to this app and create a new account or join existing accounts by logging in to your account. It will not stop your access to this app and may reset your profile.

There is no right or benefit to be received by anyone else during this process.