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«You can learn a lot from her,» said the woman, who asked that her real name not be used. «She came to school a few days after and I told her about my boyfriend, we’ve been friends in the industry. It was good. He taught me to drive, to do errands, to get my kids to practice in the field. You need a lot of practice; she learned that from me. She’s a master driver, she understands what’s going on, and it helped with keeping us connected and getting in touch more socially and even getting us through school.»

Her daughter, Kay, 19, is a senior at York, whose parents met on The Show.

«She has so much stuff going on with my Dad,» said Kay, a senior.

Sophia’s mother.

Sophia told me her daughter learned about the «lifestyle» of The Show. But when asked who helped her at the children’s home, as she often did to her kids, she replied, «Not my husband.»

The couple grew up together together in Birstall Elementary School, a suburb of Bishbrook, Ont., near where they had a baby girl. Before that, they would join family members in the neighbourhood.

Sophia and her mom, Sallie, shared a room together, and her mom