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Clothing in Addis Ababa
Clothing in Addis Ababa

1. In October 1987, a car carrying two to three youths approached a neighborhood for a meeting. Among them was a middle-aged man. The man told several villagers that he had been in a car accident and had come to Ethiopia for a meeting with a group of young students. The young villagers began to hear cries for help. Several minutes later, the car suddenly stopped and the occupants of the car jumped out of the hatch of the car and ran for the police. A short while after that, two to three police officers arrived and escorted the two youths away. Finally, police officers took them to the police station and arrested one of the youths. The two who are now still in custody of the police officers have denied that they were the ones who took them to the hospital.

2. After he was released from the police station, the car driver was arrested for driving while intoxicated and then booked under traffic, alcohol and driving without a licence. The vehicle driver also received criminal action over his driver’s license on March 6, 1988 at the end of his sentence for driving while intoxicated and causing personal injury. After his conviction, his case was finally transferred to the Ethiopian Judiciary for sentencing.

3. In March 1989, the case against the car driver was transferred to the Ethiopian Civil Court for trial. The prosecution of the driver in the case is still pending and the case before this court is to be remanded. Clothing in Addis Ababa