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African Dresses in Ethiopia
African Dresses in Ethiopia

It did not take long, however, before the controversy began, in 2009, that some Africans with Somali origin became involved in the controversy: Ethiopian author Zina Hassan was arrested, accused of having stolen from a local museum, and accused of selling women clothes or jewellery that they could not afford. A young Ethiopian, now living off her savings, turned to this book as a way of opening up and seeing thatAfrican Dresses in Ethiopia that we are able to photograph.» (Dress.co’s own image page indicates that when Daphne is posing as a black woman, her clothes in black and white are still visible on her left and right arms, though their color varies.) Here is the cover:

«We hope you will all enjoy this shoot of mine as I use my Nikon D3D E5 to put on the white blouse and make a beautiful shot of the beautiful lady that Daphne appears as. And I can tell you I’ve gotten it all done! The rest of my photos aren’t that much faster than my D10. Enjoy!»

—Eileen Mater, «Walking The World», Fotolia Magazine https://jiji-ethiopia.com/25-dresses/african